Non Recital Classes


Non-Recital Classes are geared for the dancer that wants less commitment and doesn't want to perform in the recital.  These classes are for ages 7 to adult and are designed to either enhance technique or to just get your groove on for fun!  we offer non-recital classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Hip Hoppers, Leaps & Turns, Strength & Conditioning and even Adult Hip Hop!  These classes are offered in four  8 week sessions equaling to 36 weeks a year.   


 Session I:  9/9/19-11/9/19                Session II:  11/11/19-2/1/20

 Session III:  2/3/20-4/11/20              Session IV:  4/13/20-6/12/20 

Adult Dance-Based Exercise Classes

These classes are great for college age to adults looking for a great workout & love to dance doing it!  You can take the class at the drop in rate of $14 per class or you can save a bit of money and signup for the 8 week sessions at $12 per class.  You could also purchase a 10 class Dance Punch Card online for $130!  You can use the punch cards for not only the adult exercise classes, but any non-recital class for you or your dancer 

Non Recital Classes

Leaps & Turns

 This is a technique class that is dedicated to learning, improving, and perfecting technique in jumps, kicks, turns, etc. Leaps and Turns skill building assist Jazz dancers is making the dance more refined from a technical perspective. Classes are geared towards serious dancers who are well disciplined in ballet and jazz.  This class is designed to help each dancer identify and work on specific techniques and skills needed to improve their understanding and performance of these specific moves. Stretch and strengthening is also combined to improve dancers’ power. The strength and conditioning is designed to build stamina and condition the body for difficult tricks and aerobic requirements needed for advanced dancing.  Dancers will enhance proper body alignment, technique, and strength required to execute turns, leaps and tricks and breaking down the fundamentals of these skills. Leaps and Turns is also an excellent preparation class for Dance Team competition and try outs. Strength and flexibility are key benefits of the Leaps and Turns class that will assist Ballet and Jazz dancers. The dancers who perform these skills well are valued on dance teams. 

Strength & Conditioning

 Strength & Conditioning class complements the training of the dance student.  In this class, students will increase their understanding of their anatomy and dance alignment while increasing flexibility and strengthening their core, feet, turnout muscles, legs, back and upper body posture.  Students will focus on learning how to stretch correctly by releasing overall tension, releasing muscle tension and relaxing the mind, while defining specific muscle groups It is the goal to maximize strength, endurance, flexibility and toning of the dancer’s body and is highly recommended for the more serious dancers and athletes. It integrates aspects of Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet in order to provide students with an energizing and revitalizing work out. 


Technique class is a 90 - minute class, this class will focus on mastering  a combination of different techniques and terminology of Ballet,  Jazz and Contemporary styles of dance. 

 There are  also classes that will be 90- minutes that will focus an emphasis on a specific style and  technique. We offer technique for the levels Jazz I, Jazz II, Ballet II, Ballet Pre-Point.   

Dance & Strength

One hour of high energy cardio dance designed to make you forget you are getting an amazing workout. Set to today's hits or old favorites, this class is created to move every single muscle and make you have fun. No dance experience needed. Routines are simply choreographed to challenge everyone from the novice dancer to the seasoned veteran. Ten minutes of challenging toning at the end of every class.

Attire for Dance & Strength and Dance Cardio can be t-shirts, shorts, or sweatpants.....comfortable clothing you can move around.  Please no jeans!  Athletic shoes (clean indoor shoes) or dance sneakers can be worn.

Adult Hip Hop

Yes, you can dance! Tired of working out? It's time to work it!  Class starts off with a full body stretch and warm up.  Then we break down the moves step-by-step, as you go, so you can learn them, repeat them until you are comfortable, then put a sequence together, then bust out a full routine to songs you love. You will be completely amazed at how good you do and how great you feel! Choreography differs from week to week so this is the perfect class to drop into!  Performing these grooving, hip hop video flavor routines will not be a great workout, but a blast to be in! 

Early Childhood Non-Recital

We also offer several non-recital early childhood classes each session. The classes typically include Ballerina Babies, Dancing Divas, Mini Musical Theater, Teeny Bops,  and Hippity Hop. 

Please check the most recent schedule for available classes. 

For a description of these classes, check out the Early Childhood Class Descriptions.